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Bubble Tube Information

Bubble Tube Information and Maintenance

Bubble Tubes are an essential part of any sensory space. They provide multi-sensory stimulation and feedback allowing the user to follow the bubbles. The bubbles and effects of effects of colour change in Bubble Tubes are great for enhancing and developing a wide range of skills such as cause& effect, colour recognition, auditory awarness, visual perception, tactile stimulation and much more.

The soothing sound and light effects and gentle vibrations from the bubble tube create calming environments and can help users to relax. This calming and restful atmosphere can be a great aid to health professionals to observe and monitor stressful behaviour in patients. In many cases the bubble tube is used to promote relaxation for those who suffer from stress and agitation, and in some cases from those suffering from bouts of depression.

Bubble Tubes are also available in interactive modes allowing the user to control the colour and effects. The Very Latest Bubble Tube The most advanced bubble tube in the education, medical therapy and leisure arenas is one that can be programmed to allow the colours and bubbles to be controlled separately, or in combination. This is Experia's ground breaking IRiS range of products which can be viewed on our website by following this link: IRiS

So how Does a Bubble Tube Work? Water is pumped around inside a bubble tube and the light is constantly changing colour. The air that is blown into the tube causes moving bubbles to shimmer and flicker and the resultant effect is calming and cannot help but draw attention. This effect helps promote visual stimulation and encourages touch through the faint vibration.

The Bubble Tube light source is LED which makes it extremely durable and low maintenance due to it not requiring bulb changes like a conventional light bulb. This also adds to it's energy efficiency. An Experia bubble tube is also extremely quiet with the soothing sound of gently bubbling water being the only noise that comes from it. Our market leading British Made bubble tubes are hard wearing and durable and use the latest technology. For our full range of Bubble Tubes to suit any need or budget, click on the following link: Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tube Maintenance

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is; "How often should I replace the water in my bubble tube?" - We suggest the water is changed at the end of every term or 8 weeks. The easiest way to empty a bubble tube is by using a bubble tube emptying kit. The kit consists of two pieces, a hose and a pump. The pump can be a foot pump which you press repeatedly with your foot or a drill pump which fits onto the front of a battery powered drill.

Put simply, you attach the hose to either side of the pump you have. Then put one end of the hose into the bubble tube and the other end into a sink or drain and start pumping. You can find Bubble Tube emptying kits with or without a foot pump on our website. Click this link for bubble tube emptying kits with a foot pump: Kit with Pump and click this link for bubble tube emptying kits without a foot pump: Kit No Pump

You can slow down the build up of bacteria in a bubble tube by adding a biocide product to the water on a monthly basis. We suggest using a product called BCB. It’s a specially designed formula which is gentle on the acrylic tube and doesn’t scratch or cloud it. It is not advisable to use sterilising tablets, as this could damage the inside of the tube over time. You can find BCB Fluid for sale on our website by clicking on this link: bubble tube bcb fluid