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IRiS Recordable Speaker

IRiS Recordable Speaker
Ex VAT £357.50 Inc VAT £429.00
Make your IRiS Talker speak to create a theme for learning, play or storytelling


  • An essential resource to combine with any IRiS Talker to make it speak either with a pre-recorded sound or one of your choice
  • Includes 64 pre-recorded sounds, musical clips and noises with the facility to add another 16 sounds so it’s very specific to the needs of your establishment
  • Combine it with the IRiS Qube to announce the colour on its top or press a button on the IRiS Colour Selector and the name comes from the speaker
  • IRiS Recordable Speaker operates on mains voltage transformed to safer low voltage
  • IRiS Recordable Speaker is 220mm D * 140mm W * 55mm H
  • An IRiS Talker is required to use with this product