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Sensory Backpack Platinum

Sensory Backpack Platinum
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Full of exciting products this backpack contains products that are ideal for theming and storytelling


  • 1 X Backpack: Smart and practical, this ultra-lightweight rollercase comes complete with several large pockets for storage
  • 1 X Aurora Projector and Wheel Rotator: Beam images onto a wall with this super compact projector, complete with wheel rotator
  • 3 X 6" Effects Wheels: A diverse mix of effects wheels that include Balloon Extravaganza, Firework Bonanza and Tropical Reef
  • 1 X Portable LED Fibre Optic Bundle: A great portable piece of equipment, this lightweight fibre optic provides numerous changing colour combinations and is powered by 4 X AA batteries (Provided)
  • 1 X Pop Up Tent: Create a new world in minutes, simply unfold the tent and take enjoy. Tent in white and black, please specify the colour when ordering
  • 2 X Big Talking Buttons: A large chunky button that makes a noise when pressed
  • 1 X Ooze Tube: A robust cylinder that contains slow moving goo which makes its way to the base when flipped on its head
  • 1 X Waterfall Tube: A tube of colourful balls that cascade through obstacles to create the calming sound of flowing water
  • 1 X LED Colour Changing Egg: A small egg shaped light that softly scrolls through calming colours to create a relaxing environment
  • 3 X Space Blankets: Silver foil blankets that create a wonderful crunching noise when wrapped around the user
  • 1 X Soft Animal Mirror: A safe acrylic mirror with soft foam backing that can stick to tiles when wet
  • 1 X Tangle: A fun toy that develops hand eye coordination and problem solving
  • 1 X Mr Squash: A small tactile character that encourages the user to squash and mash him with their hands
  • 1 X Colour Storm Ball: A large tactile orb which contains hundreds of small multicoloured balls that react to movements that the user makes
  • 3 X Spectra Strobe Balls: A small multicoloured ball which flashes furiously when hit

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Sensory Rooms Sensory Bedrooms
Sectors Hospices, Mainstream Schools, Nursery, Special Schools
Senses Tactile, Visual
Uses Calming, Communication Skills, Development of Choice, Social Interaction
Abilities Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)