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Sensory Equipment For Special Schools

Just ask one of the 1,500 special schools around the world why they chose Experia.

Experia is known as the no1 designer and supplier of wireless sensory equipment for use in sensory rooms, sensory pools, soft play areas and much more.

Our state of the art immersive environment – MiLE (Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment) is the only, easy to use environment designed specifically for special schools that allows you to share the scenarios you have made with other like-minded schools.

Our constant product development enables us to provide you with the very latest technology sometimes years ahead of others.

We are passionate about all things sensory and the way they are used in special schools and this is seen in the designs of the many rooms we have completed and the equipment we invent.

Our sensory rooms are located across the globe in some diverse and unusual locations all of which are supported by our superb customer service and back up support.

When you use Experia you know you are in safe hands. Don’t believe us? Ask any of our current clients!

To create a cutting edge sensory environment as unique as the people who use it, call the experts Experia Freephone 0800 612 6077 or Email us NOW!

Experia tailor make Sensory Equipment and bespoke Sensory Rooms to suit any need and budget.