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Balance Equipment

Balance Equipment

Most of us think of balance as the ability to move without falling. Balance actually starts with the inner ear and eye movement. For some, those internal systems are not in sync. A multi-sensory environment can provide the ideal stimuli to calm and organise the audio-visual system so it can begin to function at top speed. The right sights and sounds produced from our projectors, bubble tubes, fiber optics, boards and tunnels can create an internal symphony that is ready to work and be challenged. 

Some ideas for your balance needs:

IRiS Balance Beam

Aurora Projector

Bubble Wall

Sound Post

Sound Activated Light

We offer FREE 3D Room Design Service. If you need assistance with designing a sensory space just reach get in touch. With the help from our expert sensory advisors we can help you create the perfect environment for your particular needs.

We are here to assist you with a range of specialised balance equipment!

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