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Sensory Solutions For Sequencing

Sequencing is the ability to put things and/or arrange things in a particular order. This can be with events or movements. For some, sequencing is challenging. A multi-sensory room can make sequencing more interactive and fun and help in the process of learning to sequence events and movements better. For example, simple or more complex obstacle courses can be done in the sensory room where both events and motor movements need to be sequenced correctly to complete.  

Some sensory room equipment to include in your sensory room to help with sequencing:

Sensory Toys 

Musical Touchwall

We offer FREE 3D Room Design Service. If you need assistance with designing a sensory space that encourages movement, balance, speech, and awareness, just reach out to us. With the help from our expert sensory advisors we can help you create the perfect environment for your particular needs.

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