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Soundbeam 6 Group Kit

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Soundbeam 6 Group Kit
Ex VAT £3,525.00 Inc VAT £4,230.00
Stand-alone plug-and-play Soundbeam with full touch screen, internal sounds, sampler and film playback capability. Simply connect speakers and sensors and you’re away! No computer required!


Soundbeam 6 is the latest system from the Soundbeam Project.

Still at its core are the ultrasonic sensors that pick up a users movements, first seen with Soundbeam 1 nearly 30 years ago. 

New forSoundbeam 6 is a vibrant easy to use touchscreen interface, making it easier than ever before to enjoy Soundbeam to its fullest potential.

The touchscreen allows users to assign different intruments to up to 4 different sensors at once, and 8 different wireless switches. In addition, the range of notes per sensor can be changed. Meaning the system can be customised to suit people with varying abilities. 

In addition, Soundbeam 6 has an HDMI output, meaning you can display images and video from the system on a TV, projector or monitor. 

Included in the Soundbeam 6 Group Kit

  • Soundbeam 6 touchcreen 
  • Two Sensor beams with Stands
  • Four Wireless Switches
  • Microphone
  • Basic Loudspeakers

Further Sensors and Wireless switches can be added later if you wish.

This package comes with a basic set of loudspeakers, if you wish to upgrade this to a higher powdered installed system or wish to you used your existing sound system, please contact us

Check out the video below to see what Soundbeam 6 is all about.


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